b2 Atelier de projetos

Designers Team

Anilda Leonor Schmitt
Anilda Leonor Schmitt

Civil Technical Engineer in the Order of Technical Engineers with the Nr. 16791. Born in Criciuma / SC / Brazil in 08/10/1961. Licensed in Computer Engineer by the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 1986 and in Civil Engineering in the Polytechnic Institute of Beja / Portugal in 2006. Moved to Portugal in 2001, working in this professional area since this year, and currently works at "b2 Atelier de projetos ".

Marta dos Santos Pires
Marta dos Santos Pires

Architect, registered in the Portuguese Architects Association under Nr. 22636. Born in Aljustrel / Portugal on December 05, 1987. Completed her Master's degree in Architecture at UTL - Technical University of Lisbon in 2013, and since that time, works at "b2 atelier de projetos."



We are a service bureau, devoted to development of architecture projects and engineering specialties.
We are located right in the center of Santiago do Cacém / Portugal, next to the Town Hall, in a region of the country considered privileged by the nature, tranquility, beautiful beaches and excellent quality life, called region of Alentejo Litoral.
In our facilities, we are able to offer quickly and with quality, drafting services, with technical expertise coupled with extensive professional experience, with years in this area of ​​expertise.
Our professional experience begins with the completion of Architecture course in Brazil, from the year 1987 and since that year we are working to develop architecture projects and engineering specialties.
From the year 2001 - with the arrival in Portugal, where we settled in this region, we now serve our European customers with the same attention, dedication, professionalism and responsibility - and thus, heavily mark our work with 100% approval by our customer base.
Our technical team consisting of two architects and an civil engineer civil, able and willing to help you and to advise you technically, in project preparation, whether on the city council analysis phase of projects, as well as in phase execution of the work. Besides these professionals, we have partnership with other professionals from other areas with specific techniques that cooperate with us, adding value to our work.


Our services include:

  • Surveying;

  • Preparation of Architecture Preliminary Study project (or municipal licensing);

  • Preparation of Execution Project (detail);

  • Preparation of engineering projects: Gas, Acoustic, Thermal, building Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Telecommunications / ITED, Electrical and Fire Prevention;

  • Development of urban project Allotments (urbanization);

  • Preparation of Urban Infrastructure Network projects;

  • Advice and monitoring during the project analysis phase with Local Authorities and other entities;

  • Advice and assistance during the budgeting phase of the works, with full support during the phase of choice and definition of the Work contractor;

  • Advice, monitoring, implementation and supervision of works;

  • Property valuation;

  • Energy certification by a qualified expert.